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8:52 PM
Final Wknd Of '09
Wow, another year of experience with Italian Football, my 5th year of posting it online for other people, but as far as playing it, I have my Vinyl handwritten book that starts from the 2000 season, up to this coming weekend, and the Final Standings at the years end for all of the seasons, its pretty tight.
Ive been a fan since 1981-82 though, when Chignalia played for the NY Cosmos, i heard the first time of the Top Flight league in Italy called Serie A, ofcourse i always thought it was Serie A, sounding like a Normal A, but its not, its pronounced Serie Ahh if you didn't know.
Anyway, i chose Roma to be "My Team" if you will, from way back then, and in 1983 they won the Scudetto and i have at least followed it ever since a little bit, but the last 8 years i have in a Journal, hand written schedules and scores, and as i mentioned, the final standings, but its been since a Friend of mine who posts on the web as Brewers7 (Steve) got me involved with his forum, and i got re-involved with following it again, but its been even more then just following it, i bet it, i post plays, i give plays to friends, i track at sites i like to make plays at, a lot of stuff.
Next year i have a plan for this site and how i follow Serie A in 2009-10 is going to be alot different, i think i have found the right 3 or 4 sites i can use to track each weeks games, each teams lineups and the pages ill need  to just be alot more on top of shit this upcoming season!!
But for now?
We Say CIAO to Lega Calcio after this weekend!
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