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And he is back!!

After a long hiatus due to personal reasons and a long tribulation, I have returned to give the world the best sports betting advice they will find on the web!!

Enjoy having me around and being able to access the plays/tips i suggest!!
Views: 225 | Added by: Salvi | Date: 18 June 2013

I found a Sweet domain i Can Build my Sports/Handicapping Profile around with a New ID!
Spe Salvi!
(The Encyclical Prayer of the Pope for hope and peace)
I Invite all my good friends, and any outsiders who have found my site, to contribute if you have a good Tip or Wager, and I "Hope" To Help you all myself with a few good plays on each day in Numerous sports I cover!
Good Fortune to me to my new site! And don't Forget... Thinkdog!
Views: 842 | Added by: Salvi | Date: 02 May 2009

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