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The World Game
Italian Football
Lega Calcio ~ Lega Pro; All your Serie A, B, C & Coppa Italia betting knowledge.
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Thread: 2015-16 Italian Serie B
Posted by: Rainmaker
U.S Domestic Leagues
MLS & NASL Action from the Rainmaker. Your only source for Soccer betting in the States!!
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Thread: NASL 2016 Season Opening Mat...
Posted by: Rainmaker
World Football
International World Cup coverage / Champions & Europa League ~ Ej is a Contributor to Beckett's World Cup Magazine; Out on Stands April 22nd, 2014.
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Thread: UEFA Euro 2016
Posted by: Rainmaker

The Sports
On The Diamond
Major League Baseball advice that you can count on to improve your ROI
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Thread: 2015 MLB Reg Season Team Wins
Posted by: Rainmaker
On the Gridiron
Ncaa and NFL Football advice from the beast that is the Rainmaker
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Thread: Opening Bowl Lines 2015/16
Posted by: Rainmaker
On the Ice
NHL and the 11 years of posting experience Ej has to help you skate to the promised land!
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Thread: Opening Day Lines 10.8
Posted by: Rainmaker
On the NCAA Hardwood
College Hoops tips and advice right through the Madness!!
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Thread: Nov 14 Openers
Posted by: Rainmaker
Big Boys in Long Shorts!! Tall Women in Tank Tops!!
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Thread: 6.20 WNBA
Posted by: Palermo
Tennis Anyone
Little Yellow Furry Ballz of Love as we call them around here!
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Thread: ATP Aussie Open
Posted by: Rainmaker

Forum Generale
Commente Generallisimo
General comments and things about life events. happenings and shit going on.
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Thread: Palermo and Ej Are Here Toge...
Posted by: Rainmaker
Notable Streaks
Will post when i hear of obnoxious active winning streaks teams or players have over another.
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Thread: Colorado Buffs 6 - 0 vs USC
Posted by: Rainmaker
Wheel of Fortune (is being viewed by: 1)
Spin the Wheel of Fortune and see if it helps!
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Thread: Need help Picking MLB Teams?...
Posted by: Salvi

Rainmaker's Radio Shows and Articles
Rainmaker's Palooza Radio Shows
Sports Palooza Radio News & Information Find me on Twitter @EjtheRainmaker
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Thread: Sports Palooza Radio Show
Posted by: Rainmaker
Rainmaker Articles / Apps News
I will throw in all my Freelance articles and Sports Apps updates here.
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Thread: Tuesday Morning QB ~ Article
Posted by: Rainmaker

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